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In 1998, Lea Michele Economos, a young woman who died of leukemia at the age of 28, made a dying wish to her parents that others would not face the hardships she encountered by finding a cure for this disease. Her family started this charity to carry on that wish. Today, Lea’s Foundation takes an active role in finding a cure for leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s lymphoma and myeloma and to better the lives of people living with these diseases. At the UCONN Health Center, the Lea’s Foundation Center for Hematologic Disorders sponsors research in this field. A new program covers the cost of bone-marrow testing to help recruit life-saving transplants for patients. Also, annual scholarships are given to children with leukemia who are planning to attend nursery school. For more information on other projects carried out by Lea’s Foundation, please visit their website at www.LeasFoundation.org.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 4: welcome2colfax (Sacramento, CA to Colfax, CA - 68 miles)

Sharing a queen size bed was a treat compared to our little tent. When we woke up, Ken was already preparing a fantastic breakfast with eggs, bacon, cereal and fresh fruit. After eating most of the food in the Carlson's house, Dan realized he had another flat tire. It delayed us a bit but we were on our way before 10. 

We rode the American River Trail for 30 miles from Sacramento to Folsom. It was flat, pretty, and our legs felt really good. Along the trail, many bikers saw our fully loaded bike bags and questioned where we are going. Responding "Connecticut" is always fun. 

After lunch in Folsom, we headed up the hills to Auburn. On the way Pat got his first flat tire. There was a piece of glass lodged through his tire into his tube. We replaced the tube and planned to replace the tire at on of Auburns three bike shops, which was five miles away.  It turns out that everything in Auburn is closed on Sunday. His tire still has a hole in it.

We rode from Auburn to Colfax on back roads running parallel with I-80. The ride was very hilly but the roads were very nice. As we were riding through the woodsy forest, we saw the first fox and the 6th deer of our trip. Also, our tally for spotting roadkill probably reached triple digits.  So far I have only directly run over a three. Here is a picture of Dan riding down one of the hills. 
Sorry it is blurry, he was riding pretty fast. 

The last 20 miles into Colfax were the hardest of the trip (Pat's opinion). Marathon Man Dan was flying up the hills even though we did over 200 miles in the past three days. If Colfax happened to be five miles farther, Pat doesn't think he would have made it (he's just being a baby though). 

We got a deal at a motel and grabbed dinner at a burger place across the street. 

Dan got the healthiest meal on the menu: turkey club with a side salad. 

Pat rewarded himself with the most unhealthy meal on the menu, The Biker Burger: Three 1/3 lbs burgers with bacon between and fries.

Tomorrow we begin our climb of the Sierra Nevada. Hopefully we will make it to Cisco Grove Campground for another night of camping. 

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