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In 1998, Lea Michele Economos, a young woman who died of leukemia at the age of 28, made a dying wish to her parents that others would not face the hardships she encountered by finding a cure for this disease. Her family started this charity to carry on that wish. Today, Lea’s Foundation takes an active role in finding a cure for leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s lymphoma and myeloma and to better the lives of people living with these diseases. At the UCONN Health Center, the Lea’s Foundation Center for Hematologic Disorders sponsors research in this field. A new program covers the cost of bone-marrow testing to help recruit life-saving transplants for patients. Also, annual scholarships are given to children with leukemia who are planning to attend nursery school. For more information on other projects carried out by Lea’s Foundation, please visit their website at www.LeasFoundation.org.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day 0: Sky Mall

Did you know carbon fiber wallets can supposedly help protect against credit card fraud? Or that you can buy rear view cameras and solar powered USB chargers for your bike? Sky Mall never fails to entertain me. We took off from Bradley at 5:40 pm EST, onto our layover in Dallas. We did, however, have to part ways with some of our beloved CO2 cartridges. As we were waiting to board, a very large TSA agent approached us and said in, as you can imagine, the most friendly voice: "Who's Dan." They explained that I had hazmat items in my checked luggage that needed to be confiscated- I know my clothes may stink after a few days out in the mountains, but surely I didn't have anything that bad yet. Unfortunately, our CO2 cartridges that we can use for fixing flats on the fly had to be disposed of. No big deal. A few minutes later, the same agent came over again, heading in our direction. Great start to the trip, I thought. Thankfully though, he was looking for someone else. Maybe they had some real goodies in their bag. We met a woman in the Dallas airport who runs a lab that conducts research for multiple myeloma. She was excited to hear about our trip, and hopes to get in contact with researchers through Lea's. We landed in San Francisco a little while ago, and are just about to call it a night. Tomorrow we'll pick up our bikes at Pacific Bikes, cruise around the city for a bit, and stop at our first destination in Sausalito. We're expecting some good weather and we'll have some pictures from our first day on the road. For now though, good night! (I wonder if Sky Mall's Ultimate Sleeping Kit is any good...)


  1. Hey Daniel and Pat,Not the best way to start off your flight, but hope the rest of your travel was good. No CO2 cartridges in the sky mall magazine? :)

  2. Good luck guys! We're following your progress daily.

  3. Best of Luck! So exciting! Annette DeMaio

  4. I met you at the water fall in Golden Gate Park, I hope you guys are doing great! Do you by chance have a FB page, I'd love to follow your page and get others to follow it too!! Good Luck and GodBless!