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In 1998, Lea Michele Economos, a young woman who died of leukemia at the age of 28, made a dying wish to her parents that others would not face the hardships she encountered by finding a cure for this disease. Her family started this charity to carry on that wish. Today, Lea’s Foundation takes an active role in finding a cure for leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s lymphoma and myeloma and to better the lives of people living with these diseases. At the UCONN Health Center, the Lea’s Foundation Center for Hematologic Disorders sponsors research in this field. A new program covers the cost of bone-marrow testing to help recruit life-saving transplants for patients. Also, annual scholarships are given to children with leukemia who are planning to attend nursery school. For more information on other projects carried out by Lea’s Foundation, please visit their website at www.LeasFoundation.org.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Day 43: Home Is Where the Health Center Is (Danbury, CT to Farmington, CT - 54 miles)

Unlike most mornings, I eagerly awoke and couldn't stop thinking about the riding ahead of us. I couldn't wait to make the final ride into Farmington, knowing we'd finally get to see our family and friends for the first time since flying out. Marti made some delicious oatmeal this morning, giving us a solid base to start off with before hitting the hills that we had to climb before earning our sweet arrival to the finish. Today was actually one of the hilliest 50 miles we've had, or so it seemed. Even so, we didn't complain one bit, as the prospect of arriving home eased the burden of the hills. We first stopped in Southbury to take an early lunch break, and Pat stopped in to say hi to a family friend at her office. We really had to kill a lot of time, seeing as we had 9 hours to ride 53 miles. After an hour or so, we decided to hit the road and Panera-hop to the next location 20 miles away in Bristol, where we got our second lunch and spent another couple hours waiting for the 6:00 arrival time. Pat's aunt, brother, and mom showed up, and it was great seeing them. Pat's mom arranged a police escort for us, too, which was a nice touch for our last 7 miles up to UCHC. As we rode, mini American flags in tow, cars honked, bikers waved, and we had smiles plastered on our faces the entire way. It was easily the best 7 mile stretch on the whole trip. I don't even remember if there were any hills- we were running on adrenaline (and plenty of Panera). We stopped at the UCHC entrance to get out our big American flag to ride up with, and after rounding the corner to the academic entrance, we were greeted by a flood of cheers, applause, and cowbell.

We still have one more short ride to go before closing the books on this trip- the celebration trip down to Hammonasset Beach on August 24th. We'll be leaving the health center at 8:30 am and will be at Malone's in Madison, CT at 2:00 pm for a reception. Everyone is welcome to come to both. Don't like pedaling? Feel free to join with your favorite motorized vehicle. It'll be a good time, we promise.

Check back soon for each of our epilogues.


  1. Congratulations on finishing the trip!

  2. You guys are amazing. What an incredible accomplishment!!! I enjoyed following your progress. Mrs. DeMaio